Members of the Commission on Insurance are nominated by the Board of Supervisors and selected on the basis of experience or knowledge in the area of consumer insurance which includes automobile liability, homeowners, health and earthquake insurance. As members of the Los Angeles County Commission on Insurance, we hold ourselves accountable to the Board of Supervisors and to the communities that they serve and from where we reside. A diverse group of insurance specialists, we work collaboratively to inform the Board of significant developments, court cases, and the status of pending legislation concerning consumer insurance matters. As an advisory body to the Board, we submit regular and special reports and recommendations to the Board as deemed appropriate; develop information and make recommendations on methods for reducing the costs of insurance; improve customer education and broaden community awareness regarding insurance issues. Upon specific approval by the Board, the Commission may be authorized to conduct public hearings, call witness and experts, present testimony and participate in insurance matters before the Congress, State Legislature or State Insurance Commission or other appropriate public bodies.